Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day

We had the most fun on Labor Day this year that I can ever remember having. For the last seven years, when the rest of the world had a long weekend, it usually meant nothing around our house. We've been indentured servants to medical training schedules which could care less if you'd like a three day weekend once a year. So now that that's behind us, it is so fun to get to live like normal people! We got some home improvements done, relaxed, and had fun with the boys. Here are some pictures of our day Monday.

We started out visiting a train exhibit close to the square in Gainesville. Since we've moved, they have been asking to go see the train. They really enjoyed being able to touch it and see it up close. We couldn't climb on it, but they had fun anyway.

Andrew knows a lot about trains. You could say they are his life's passion right now. He ran his hands over every part he could reach examining them just like an engineer would. He named the parts he knew and asked us about the ones he didn't. Here he is showing you the coupling device on the caboose.

After we left the trains, we headed to Chick-fil-A. Monday was their special, wear-your-favorite-team-logo-and-get-a-free-sandwich day. We dressed in our GT attire (my logo was on my hat) and enjoyed our free sandwiches. What was really fun was seeing everyone else, of all ages, wearing their team garb. We saw Ohio State (wearing a huge winter coat - odd), the Chicago Cubs, NY Yankees, UGA (who actually barked at Coleman, disgrace to the color red if you ask me), and a few unfortunate people who were wearing orange from the lesser schools of the southeast (not Auburn, Clemson and Florida).

Here's Andrew getting ready to enjoy his sandwich. He wanted to order it himself, so we let him. He asked for a "Chick-a-la with no pickles and no onions and no mustard." Got just what he ordered too.

Our next stop was Coleman's favorite, Lowe's. Better known to him as the mow-mow store. He was about to jump out of his seat when we pulled in the parking lot. They got to climb on the riding mowers and we got the shelves for the playroom. After that busy morning, it was naptime for everyone.

That afternoon, our neighborhood had a luau at the pool. We went and swam and got to eat some yummy Jim 'N Nick's bar-b-que. It was difficult to get pictures during all of that, but here's Andrew with his lei before it was destroyed.
The day ended with a boat ride from our neighbors across the street. They have a really nice boat and two little children. We had a ton of fun with them. Keeping the boys in the boat made it a little difficult to visit, but it was a super way to end the day.

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Tina said...

I'm so thankful that you guys had such a special weekend! Yeah to reaping the benefits of all the years of hard work! (We, too, are enjoying the same benefits.)

We went to Chick-fil-a, too. We even dressed Eli and got 6 freebies. :-)