Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another First

Well, we've hit another milestone. Andrew has our first family broken bone. He broke his arm Sunday while in the nursery. He was climbing onto a little bus in the inside playroom and fell off. Just a freak accident.

The nursery worker came to our Sunday school class and told us he had fallen and was inconsolable. She thought he was probably fine, but wanted us to know in case we wanted to come see about him. Our boys are pretty tough, shaking off almost every bump and bruise. So when she said he was crying a lot and not letting anyone see his arm, we figured something was up. When we got to him, his little right arm was hanging limp and he cried when Brent tried to examine it. We decided to take him to the ED for an x-ray.

Three hours later, we left with his arm in a sling and a referral to an ortho doc for Monday. The orthopedist said he had fractured his humerus (upper arm bone) right above the elbow. So he put him in a sturdy splint that looks like a cast. We have a follow-up appointment for next Wednesday.

Andrew was really brave the whole time. When he had his x-ray Sunday, Brent went in with him and he did super. Yesterday, I had both boys by myself, and so I couldn't go in with him for the x-ray because of the baby. He was a pro. He walked in with the tech and I could hear them just talking away. He even smiled and said, "Cheese" when she took the picture.

He went to preschool this morning and Brent said that when he got out of the car, he started telling the teacher all about his arm. He doesn't seem to be in any pain now, and is getting used to his cast. Here's a picture of our little pirate with his broken arm.


Tina said...

I'm really thankful that he is not hurting. I hope that it heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

Oh...big guy! Tell him his "Aunt" Shannon is sooo sorry! He is such a tough little man. I wish I were there to sign his cast for him. I hope all of you are adjusting okay. Poor Mommy and Daddy! I'll be thinking of you! ~Shannon S.