Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Movie Night

We have started a new tradition at the Archer house. On Fridays, after homemade pizza, bath time, and clean-up time, we have Family Movie Night. It has been a big hit with the boys. We have picked Disney classics so far, and they have been good choices. It's fun to see movies that we haven't seen in a long time, and share them with our boys. So far, Jungle Book has been the favorite. They both danced and danced during the songs, and Andrew still sings "Bear Necessities" from time to time. We've also watched Pinocchio, Robin Hood, and last week was 101 Dalmatians.

Each week starts out the same. The boys stand in chairs with Brent and watch and listen for the popcorn to pop.

Then, we spread out a beach towel on the living room floor and make pictures. Just kidding. We don't make pictures every week. They have to stay on the towel to eat their popcorn.

Andrew is learning to like popcorn. Coleman has always loved it.

After they finish their snack, they climb up and sit with us to watch the show.

Coleman had a hard time staying interested the first few weeks. He would watch for about 20 minutes and then want to color or play. He is watching almost the whole movie now, or at least up until his bedtime. Here he is getting a better look at Cruella.

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Tina said...

Love it! Don't you love making these kinds of memories? BTW your tummy is very cute. ;-)