Thursday, September 20, 2012

Center for Puppetry Arts

 Our first field trip of the year was to the Center for Puppetry Arts.  Nana and Pop-O have a membership, so they treated us to a show.  The boys LOVED it and talked about it for days.  Jonathan especially asked the entire next week if we could go to a puppet show each day.  We will be going back for sure. 

Here are Andrew and Coleman with Nana, Pop-O and Big Bird.  Jonathan would not stop for a photo.

 Coleman and Jonathan had lots of fun before the show making puppet faces in this center area.

 We also got to see a Muppet exhibit.  Coleman wanted his picture made with the Swedish Chef.

Andrew chose to pose with Kermit.

 Here we are in our seats before the performance.  Can you tell how excited Jon Jon was?

Our show was "Aesop's Fables."  Two puppeteers performed five stories based on the fables.  We studied fables very briefly the week before the show, and Andrew was quick to recognize the differences in the actual tales and the adaptations at the theatre.  There was lots of audience participation, and at the end, the puppeteers showed how they created the puppets and put on the show.  Then we each got to take home a kit to make our own stick puppet.  We made these cute mice in art the following week.

And of course, we ended the morning with a trip down the street to The Varsity.  It was a great field trip.  We are all looking forward to our next visit. 

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