Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August Recap

Sometimes, it seems like things have been quiet, calm and stable for a long time.  Everyone just goes along and does the same old things they always do.  Other times, it seems like things are changing faster than I can process.  August was that way this year.  Every time I turned around, someone was learning something else new.  Now, all these new skills might not mean much to a grown person, but to a five year old and a six-and-a-half year old they were huge developments!

In the span of about a week, Andrew lost his second top front tooth, learned to tie his shoes in double knots, and learned to snap his fingers!  Not to be outdone, Coleman learned to ride his bicycle with no training wheels and to whistle!  And then, since Coleman's small bike with training wheels was available, Jon Jon figured out how to ride it!  He looks super cute with his Mickey Mouse helmet pedaling around the driveway.

Here are some photos from our other activities in August that we haven't posted about yet.  Last year, we did not do much artwork in school.  Andrew didn't enjoy it at all and it was easier to skip it most weeks than fight the good fight.  This year, we are making it a priority and he is really enjoying it!  Here are some pictures of them using watercolors a few different days.

 We are using Apologia science curriculum this year, and I am super impressed and excited.  This year we will be studying Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.  We started off learning about zoology and classification.  For one activity, Andrew classified all the stuffed animals.  Then, we labeled them by class.  He's posing with the class Mammalia since he is a mammal.

 There are lots of great hands-on experiments and activities included in our books.  Here he is completing an experiment on wing design.  We build two gliders and then tested using the scientific method to see which type of wing would fly the best.

 Coleman was super proud of learning the Pledge of Allegiance in preschool.  Ms. Stephanie gave trophies once the students had memorized it.

 And here's Jon Jon wanting his picture made too.

It was a really busy month on many levels.  Based on how behind I am in blogging, September seems to be pretty busy too! 

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