Monday, July 2, 2012

Spring Recital

 Andrew had his spring recital in May.  Every year, Ms. Pam goes all out for the spring showcase.  She chooses a different theme each year.  This year's theme was "Circus of the Animals" and it was great!  The students learned several pieces and songs that went with the theme and each student played and sang a song from memory that they chose.  When we arrived that morning, the small auditorium was decorated like this:

 Earlier in the spring, the students were assigned animals to dress up as for the recital.  Andrew was a lion!

 Here are the other animals.

They started off with a class rendition of "If We Could Talk to the Animals" from the classic movie Dr. Doolittle.  There were lots of words to the song, and we all worked very hard for several months on it.  

 Then each student played their solos and sang with Ms. Pam accompanying them on her piano.

 They finished up with an ensemble playing "Songbird's Band."  Andrew's part was to play the melody on his keyboard.  Other students played the left hand part on the keyboard, the bells, or  another rhythm instrument.

 Here's our boy with the fabulous Ms. Pam.

 Gigi and Papack and Nana came for the day.  Pop-O had to work. Immediately after the recital, we headed to the ballpark for his game.  It was great that the grands could make one trip for two events.  I forgot to get a picture of us with Andrew at the recital, but we grabbed one after the game.

 From the ball fields we headed to The Collegiate.  It was a super morning.

Here are a few videos from the recital.  First up is the class singing "If We Could Talk to the Animals."

 Andrew played "Mr. Moon" and he sang "Big Truck."

 And here is the ensemble performing "Songbird's Band."

 We are so excited about what all he learned this year with Ms. Pam, and can't wait to continue in the fall. 

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