Thursday, July 12, 2012

June Fun and Father's Day

 Our June was super fast and super fun.  Here are a couple of activities that haven't been posted about yet.  Our church decided to put a different spin on Bible school week this year.  For three nights, we participated in Our Family Matters.  Each night we ate supper together at the church and then participated in a theme night.  One night was movie night, one was game night, and the last night we went to the water park. We also had two really funny guys speak each night on family life.  Silly skits, songs and door prizes rounded out the evenings.   It was really fun and the boys loved it! Here's a picture of our five in our shirts the first night.

 Another fun thing we did in June was date night.  While we were at the water park, Andrew noticed a sign about an upcoming community theatre event.  The local children's theatre group presents a musical production each summer, and this year it was How I Became A Pirate, based on the book by David Shannon.  I found out how to get tickets and took Andrew and Coleman on a date night.  We went to the play after supper and then hit the Dairy Queen for blizzards.  The boys loved the play and we are looking forward to next summer's production. 

 So here's a funny story from that evening.  Andrew and Coleman got bathed before supper and then after we ate, I told them to go get dressed in something nice and handsome for our date.  Andrew put on his favorite button down shirt, khaki shorts, belt and sandals.  Coleman hid his shirt from me and wanted me to leave his room for him to get dressed and surprise me.  So I did.  In a few minutes, he proudly came and found me to show me his outfit.  He said, "How do you like my handsome clothes?" 

 I told him I loved it and that he sure was smart to remember that he had a shirt with "handsome" on it!

I don't want to forget about Father's Day either.  We celebrated with Brent on Sunday before church.  He opened his gifts from us before breakfast.

 We had a super special Sunday breakfast of baked cheese grits and cheese danish (the boys chose the menu for him).  I love this picture of everyone smiling at the camera.

 And here they are before church.

We cooked out that night for supper.  We celebrated with our grands at the 4th of July, but I forgot to get pictures of them with the boys and their gifts.  We are so thankful  for the godly heritage our boys have on both sides of their family tree. 

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