Friday, June 29, 2012

The End of Tee Ball

Tee ball season ended on June 2nd with our team party.  Here are a couple of pictures from the last game.  It was a hot one, so we made sure the kids drank plenty while they were in the dugout.

Here's Andrew on first giving his favorite base coach five.

 Our party was on a Sunday afternoon at a local park.  Joe and his wife did a great job planning it.  The kids played on the playground and ate pizza and cake.

 Here is Andrew with Coach Joe, Coach Tavares and Coach Rodney.

And I have finally learned how to upload our movies!  Turns out it's really not that hard!  So here are some videos from the season.  First up is Andrew playing pitcher.  In tee ball, the pitcher's main job is to tag the runners out at home.  You can see he took it very seriously.

The only problem is that the other team's pitcher took it very seriously too.

And here's his last bat of tee ball.

We are so proud of the progress Andrew made this year, on and off the field.  Next year he moves up to coach pitch.  But we're far from finished with tee ball.  We have a little blonde haired fella who is rarin' to go!

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