Monday, December 20, 2010

The Pink Pig 2010

Tuesday morning we broke our chain link for that day to find out we were headed to The Pink Pig! The boys were super excited, so we scurried around and got out the door around 9:00. On the way, Jon Jon grabbed a little nap in the car.

We got to Lenox around 10:00 and found no one in line! We bought our tickets and loaded up!
Andrew is always amazed that we rode in that tiny little pig car when we were little.

Waiting in line with their tickets. I don't know how we always manage to pick the coldest day of the year to go do this.

Jonathan was so cute in his little hat. He didn't try to take it off once.

Here we are all loaded and ready to go!

I hope we will get to do this for many more years. Going on a Tuesday morning before schools were out was perfect. When we finished the ride, we walked inside Lenox and looked at the decorations and Santa until it was closer to lunch time. We found the food court and a good old Chick-fil-A. Brent and I had so much fun with our boys, but the funniest part of the day was when we were finishing lunch. The food court was almost empty (thank goodness) and there was music playing. We had enjoyed lots of Christmas music while we were eating, but then "Hammer Time" came on. We looked at each other in disbelief and Brent said, "Is that MC Hammer?!" We were laughing about that and then turned around to get our yahoos ready to go. Imagine our surprise when we saw both Andrew and Coleman bustin' their moves all over the food court! And I don't mean they were dancing calmly next to their seats. Andrew was all over the place, arms and legs just a goin'. Coleman was shaking his little booty and bobbing his head.
They get their moves from their daddy.


Tina said...

I've never heard of the Pink Pig. What is it? Is it a ride to get you to another place?

Paige said...

The PP is an Atlanta Christmas tradition. It started almost 60 years ago at Rich's downtown store. It's a little train that's pink with pig shaped cars. It used to run on top of the store and under the Rich's Great Tree. When the downtown store closed in the early 90s, they moved the tree and the Pink Pig to Lenox Mall. Now the train is different and runs inside a tent in the upper level parking deck. Still lots of fun though!