Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Extended Family Christmas

This year we were able to celebrate Christmas with all of my extended family on two different occasions. I uploaded the pictures in reverse order, so first up is the Bell family Christmas on Christmas Eve. I also did a terrible job of documenting our celebrations with photos, so here are the few I did take.

We met at Gigi and Papack's for lunch on Christmas Eve and then opened presents together. Uncle Hugh decided to come to Georgia for Christmas this year, and we were so glad he did! Uncle Steve noted that this was the first time ever that every living Bell was together at Christmas. We had a fun time visiting and exchanging gifts.

The Sunday before Christmas, we met at Gigi and Papack's for the Chandler/Bell Christmas. Uncle Bill, Aunt Rebecca, Will and Chris came over after church for the celebration. We opened gifts, played, and ate a traditional spaghetti supper followed by birthday cake for Jesus. Andrew and Coleman loved playing with Will and Chris, and the bigger cousins were so very patient and kind to our yahoos. It was a fun afternoon.

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