Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day - Part 1

So on Christmas morning, Brent and I got up very early to be sure to be awake before the boys. I figured that even with his repeated reminders to stay in their room when they woke, they would forget that morning. So when we went to bed that night, Brent pulled their door closed all the way, and placed two chairs in front of their door. I guess we thought that would remind them or something.

While Brent was finishing shaving, I started hearing a tell-tale bumping sound from the hall. I ran over there and discovered Coleman trying to get past the chairs. He was clearly still half asleep and was trying to slide under the chair. I put him back in bed, told him Santa Claus might still be here, and sprinted around the house to try and hurry Brent Archer up! (If you have never lived with Brent, you wouldn't know this but he has about one speed - medium. Not too fast, not too slow, just very deliberate about everything he does. Good in most situations, but not good on Christmas morning with waiting yahoos!)

Finally, Brent was ready and so we went and got them out of bed. We let everyone make a pit stop and then they headed into the living room. Here the bigger boys are at their door.

And this is what all they saw in the living room!

Andrew and Coleman have been asking for red and blue lightsabers for MONTHS and so it was no surprise that those were the first things they discovered and that an immediate battle began. I don't know if you can see their grins, but they were lighting up the whole house.

They also got Star Wars helmets. Here's Coleman - aka Captain Rex.

And Andrew - aka Boba Fett. With their mile-too-long Christmas pajamas.

Jonathan got a fun activity cube that he can push around. He really liked it!

Just a little Christmas morning brotherly love.
This was the scene the rest of the day. Stopping only occasionally to eat, use the potty, open another gift, or pull up their pajama pants.
We gave the boys some Christmas oatmeal (regular oatmeal with red and green sugar on top) and then opened our family gifts to each other. Brent and I gave the boys their first rifles and cowboy boots. BIG hits!

Here's Jonathan opening his gift from his brothers. He loves a ball of any kind and was very happy about this one.

The boys and I gave Brent a new novel, and a framed poem - "MD Means My Daddy."

The boys gave me a cabinet for our school things, and Brent really shocked me with a Kindle!

Here we are opening stockings and so thankful to have a rug to sit on this year!

Everyone got a Granny Smith apple (tradition) and a Kit Kat. The boys had other little toys and a Star Wars shirt. Jonathan got a new sippy cup with his name on it. I got a new GT cap,
and Brent got a clicker for our neighborhood gate.
Here are the last few pics of the early morning festivities.

Can you tell JonJon was ready for his nap?

And even though I don't often agree with him, I love this quote from Andy Rooney:
One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don't clean it up too quickly.

More to come. . .

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Tina said...

Love your pics, stories and quote. Looks like another year of special memories.