Monday, October 4, 2010

Ten Months Old

Jonathan is ten months old! Hard to believe that we'll be having a party in about eight weeks! This month flew by, and he seems so much bigger now. He's had his second haircut, which he was most unhappy with. We know for sure who his favorite barber is not. We have gotten to play outside lots of afternoons, and he loves it. He also likes for the wind to be blowing in his face. His expressions are very reminiscent of Andrew, and he uses his eyebrows to flurt with just about any lady who looks at him.

His favorite toys are his magnetic easel and little play table. He still does not like bananas. He's very close to saying "uh-oh", but not quite there. He will say "dadadadada", but I don't count it as a word yet. Cheerios are a good snack, but he loves a Ritz cracker. Jonathan still likes to bounce up and down on someone's knee, but you don't really have to bounce, he does all the work. He also got to ride in the green car grocery cart at Publix this month. Andrew was my special helper while Jonathan and Coleman drove the buggy. Talk about someone thinking he was big stuff! He steered that wheel all the way around the store, kicked his legs and squealed and laughed!

The biggest news this month is that he is now mobile! Jon Jon started crawling on the 26th of September! He is getting really fast, but still stops to take a rest and suck his thumb now and then. When Andrew and Coleman take off for someplace, he takes off with them and tries his hardest to keep up. We are now back to sweeping multiple times a day to keep him from grazing the floor, and we're trying to teach Andrew and Coleman to be sure there are no smallish toys laying around.

We've begun to see a bit of a temper since he's moving now. He hates being held down for a diaper change, and will flip over and crawl off at any point in the process unless you have a firm grip on him. Gets downright mad when he can't go where he wants to. The sweetest parts of our days though, are at bedtime. After we read his Bible story book, we sing "Jesus Loves Me" while standing over his crib. As soon as we sing the first few words, he grabs onto us, lays his head down on our shoulders and starts sucking his thumb. We remember very sweetly his brothers doing the same thing, only substituting a bitsy for their thumbs.

Here are this month's bear in the chair shots. He's wearing my very favorite pajamas. These were one of the first Gymboree purchases I ever made for Andrew. All three yahoos have worn them, and they still look new. You can see that the days of the _ months sign laying still in the chair are long gone.

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Tina said...

I can't believe he is 10 months already! This has been a very fast first year!!!