Monday, October 18, 2010

The Fair

Last week was the Cumming Country Fair, so we took the boys on Monday night. They had a blast, and Brent and I had fun watching them. We got there at supper, paid a ridiculous amount for a few hot dogs and some lemonade, and then let the boys ride some rides. Brent and I both agreed that nighttime at the fair is not the most family friendly atmosphere, so we will do this differently in the future. Fortunately, the boys were young enough to be oblivious to the things that turned us off. They were in awe of the midway. Here are some pictures of them on the rides.

They started off in the airplanes, and were thrilled to each have a gun to shoot at the enemies as they flew around.

Jonathan enjoyed his first trip to the midway as well.

Here Andrew and Coleman were getting ready to ride their first "roller coaster." It was a little caterpillar.

I was a little concerned that it might be scary to them. From the shot below you can see I was completely off base.

The flying dragons were another big hit. Whatever ride they were on, they would throw up their arms and wave everytime they went by.

My favorite part of the fair is the food. In Winston-Salem, the fair food was unbelievably good. This fair was not quite up to what we were used to. However, the funnel cake did not disappoint anyone. I suppose it is difficult to mess those up. Jonathan did not get to eat any, but was about to come out of the stroller trying to get to it. I only got one quick shot of us eating it. If I had taken any more pictures, I would not have gotten any of the funnel cake!

Our last stop was the petting zoo. We saw a honeybee exhibit and got to taste some honey.

Then we got the boys a cup of food and let them feed the animals.

Andrew fed them the traditional way. He put some food in his palm and let them lick the food out of his hand.
Coleman would only let the animals have one piece of food at a time. I love his expression as he feeds the llama.

This was Jonathan's first experience seeing an animal of this size. By this point, it was way past his bedtime. I'm sure he thought he was dreaming. I would love to know what he was thinking.

I asked them what their favorite thing at the fair was. Andrew said his favorite was the funnel cake, and the riding the cars. Coleman said he liked the funnel cake and riding in the airplanes with guns to shoot. So fun!