Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The Briar Patch"

Andrew's class went on their first field trip last week. We saw a production of "The Briar Patch" at Brenau University. It was great! Gigi kept Jonathan and Coleman so I could go with Andrew. We couldn't make pictures during the production, but we did snap one together before the show.

The story was basically Uncle Remus's Tar Baby with a few adaptations. The actors had very Remusy (I know that is not a real word) dialects, but were very understandable. I could have kicked myself for not telling Andrew about Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear before we went, but he picked up on the story pretty quickly. For the entire first act of the play, he asked technical questions. He wanted to know why were the actors barefooted. And why did they have tails on? Well how are their tails staying on? And why are their faces painted? I am very glad I went, or else some unsuspecting adult would have missed out on the beginning of the story. Once his questions were answered, he perched at the edge of my lap and watched very carefully for that "trickster" Brer Rabbit.
He really enjoyed the play, and then afterwards we got to meet some of the cast and take pictures. Andrew wasn't too keen about several of the actors, but I did get his picture with a few. Here he is with the porcupine. And good grief does he ever look like his Papack!
Andrew loved Brer Bear, or "Bear Bear" as he called him. Brer Bear was very entertaining, and was great with the kids afterwards. He asked them what their favorite part of the play was and of course, that was his favorite part too! "Bear" Fox was not his favorite and he wouldn't even get close to him!

Here is Andrew with the trickster Brer Rabbit (Bear Rabbit). We had a really good time, and can't wait for the spring performance.

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