Monday, April 6, 2009

Catching Up

It seems our technical difficulties are resolved. At least temporarily. Our computer is running on its last half of a leg and we are really hoping it will make it until the fall.

Anyway, we have lots to catch up on! I think we'll start with the boys' trip to Georgia. Gigi and Papack came up on the 26th of March and took the boys home with them the next day. Let's just say that it was very hard on Mommy seeing her heart drive off Friday morning. Ahem. Enough about that.

They got to Georgia safely, of course, and had a ton of fun while they were there. On Saturday morning, they met Granny and Grandaddy at the Dwarf House in Forest Park for breakfast. They ran into a bunch of firemen and policemen. Andrew was too shy to talk to them, but they were very friendly. After breakfast, they went back to Granny and Grandaddy's house to play for a bit.

That night, Nana and Pop-O came over for supper. I can't imagine why no one thought to get the camera out and take a group picture. Oh well. This was after bathtime, getting ready for bed. I think. I wasn't there, but using my context clues, that seems like a good guess.

We'll see how the rest of the trip ended up tomorrow.

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Tina said...

You are such a trooper to let them go! I don't think I could send my kiddos off to another state. :-) I'm glad that they took pictures for you. How long were they gone?