Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cake Pops

We decided to try and make some cake pops this year for Easter. I saw them online, and they looked pretty straightforward. I made a chocolate cake, and then we crumbled it into a bowl.

We mixed in a tub of chocolate icing.

Then we formed it into egg shapes and stuck them on a sucker stick.

During bathtime, the pops set up in the freezer. Then we dipped them in candy coating.

Next, we meticulously decorated each one with dots. Andrew was very excited about this at first, but he soon lost interest.

The finished products.

We took them to the playgroup egg hunt and Andrew passed them out to our friends. He also had enough to share with his soccer coach that evening.

After supper, the boys got to eat a cake pop. Andrew really enjoyed his pop. Coleman enjoyed playing with his pop.

Looks like he's had enough.

Cake pops are Number 1!