Monday, March 23, 2009

Soccer Clinic

On Saturday, Andrew had a soccer clinic. We did the activities with our friends and teammates, the Evanses and the Moores.

Mrs. Conner, Carly, and Andrew
The players rotated through stations and were coached on the activities by high school kids. Andrew liked to stop periodically and ponder and discuss what was going on. You can see him doing just that in this picture. He was talking about how he was going to kick the ball into the goal. We don't have a practice goal yet, so this was a new concept for Andrew.

The coach helped him understand what he was supposed to do, and he made a goal!
At his last center, he was supposed to run with the ball and kick it in the goal. He did great!

His coach was very excited!
Here's the video.

Our team is the Golden Knights. We have our first team practice Thursday, so check back in for an update!

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Tina said...

How fun! He looks really cute running in the video.