Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday Morning Excitement

Sunday mornings are a busy time, expecially when Brent is at work. After the boys eat their breakfast, they get to watch Thomas or Clifford on PBS while I get my shower and get ready. Then I dress them and we're out the door as soon as possible. Coleman usually gets bored with the TV and comes to find me while I'm drying my hair. Andrew, on the other hand, pays close attention to the TV.

PBS is in the middle of their fundraising campaign right now. During the shows, they come on and do the telethon thing where they solicit funds from viewers. You may remember that for contributing, you receive various tee-shirts, koozies, and ball hats. Or you may not, if you, as most everyone else, tune out the telethon people.

So, Andrew is watching Clifford and the telethon comes on. I have just finished drying my hair, and I hear him running down the hall. The following conversation ensued:

Andrew: "I'm so excited!"

Mommy: "Why are you excited Andrew?"

Andrew: "Because that man on TV said he's sending me a special prize!!"

That man was the guy doing the telethon for PBS. Andrew, apparently, was listening to every word he said.