Monday, January 28, 2013

Gingerbread Boys

 Last year in our science club, Andrew and I made some great friends.  They are a family with three boys the exact ages of our boys.  I mean, birthdays are days apart in each case.  We had them over early in December to decorate gingerbread houses and have lunch and play.  It was a super fun day, and their mom and I agree we have begun a new tradition.  Here are the pics from our fun morning together.

The candy

All six boys ready to begin

They began by gluing graham crackers onto empty whipping cream cartons using icing.  I love how seriously everyone took his work!

I showed them how to pipe the icing into the cracks in the corners of their houses so they could put candy there and Jonathan set to work to do just that.  He was SO attentive to his corners!  Check out his face in the next two pictures.

 When they finished decorating, we ate lunch and then got to decorate a graham cracker for dessert using the rest of the candy and icing.

 Here are all six boys and Elizabeth with their creations. Check out Coleman trying to eat his tree and Jonathan looking on!

Here's Jonathan's house.  His tree fell off just before we snapped the above picture.  If you look at his corners, I did the one on the right for him and then he did the one on the left by himself!

Coleman's house with a meticulously planned walkway of Spree candies.

 And Andrew's house with the candy avalanche crashing through the roof.

They all had a fun morning, and the houses looked very festive on the bar all month.  They did seem to have a good bit less candy and icing on them when I threw them out though.  I wonder what could have happened to all that candy?!

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