Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Fun

 We enjoyed our traditional advent chain again this year.  Here are the pictures of our fun activities from it, as well as a few other things.-

One morning we had Christmas pancakes.  The boys were surprised and excited to see Rudolph awaiting them at the breakfast table!

 I realized after this that Jonathan needs to have his photo taken first, not last, when posing with food!

I loved seeing Jonathan wearing our Sweet Repeats from Christmases past.

One night for dessert we had a hot chocolate bar.

Before church one morning.

We had "Christmas in a cup" (peppermint milkshakes from CFA) one night.  Sadly, this was just hours before Coleman had The Virus, so he will not be interested in peppermint for years to come I'm afraid.  He can't even stand to smell it yet!

The night we watched "The Grinch" we enjoyed Grinch punch.

Andrew and Coleman worked on making a few Christmas gifts for our family.

Coleman loves it when our chain tells us to do a Christmas craft.  This particular day, he wanted Brent's hat from our Sunday School party.  I got it for him and asked him why he wanted it. He said, "It's an artist's hat!"

I was so glad Ms. Christel made one of these with Jonathan's sweet feet and hands.

And, just like most everyone else on Pinterest, we made a family Christmas tree.

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