Friday, December 14, 2012


We had a pretty quiet Thanksgiving this year.  Nana and Pop-O were our only family guests, and we invited a friend from church this year.  Here's how the day was spent.  We watched most of the Macy's parade after breakfast and then Brent began getting the grill ready for the bird.  He brined the bird the night before.  Here are two of his shadows making sure things are just right.

Brent spent most of the afternoon on the deck just watching the grill.  No peeking allowed because as he likes to say, "If you're lookin', you're not cookin'!"  These two spent almost the whole afternoon right by his side.

Here is this year's shot of our beautiful bird.

Our table was set with our Thanksgiving dishes.  Somehow, we forgot to make a picture of our food table!  Nana and I were flabbergasted when we realized it as we were cleaning up.  So here's what we ate:  turkey and dressing, sweet potato souffle, vegetable casserole, collards, cranberry salad, rolls, pickles and tea.  Andrew served his own plate this year and was very excited to get to the table and start eating.  When Coleman walked up to the table carrying his plate, Andrew looked over and noticed Coleman's turkey leg.  Then he realized that in his hurry to get the sweet potatoes, he had missed the turkey!  Fortunately our turkey had two legs and he was able to get one too.  He has cracked himself up retelling this story to folks!

Two little ones were very interested in the dessert display.

Pumpkin, apple streussel, pecan, prailine sauce, and a yummy iced pound cake were our choices this year.  We had many requests for the "Sampler Platter!"

It was a wonderful day and a great meal.  We are so blessed in so very many ways.

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