Friday, December 14, 2012

Fall Fun

Here are a few miscelleaneous pictures from fun we had this fall.  Coleman and Jonathan both loved their jack-o-lantern shirts Gigi made this year.

Brent and I dressed up for a Sunday School murder mystery dinner party.  I was Tara Misu, the girlfriend of an Italian mobster.  Brent was Beau Jalais, a French vineyard owner who turned out to be the murderer!  I really wish this picture showed my shoes - 4 inch purple alligator heels!  It was tons of fun and we all laughed A LOT!

Andrew had a field trip to see "The Frog Prince" at Brenau University.

He has really enjoyed his first grade desk that Gigi and Papack fixed up for him.

In October we went to Mule Camp.  Everyone got new bows and arrows, and this fella was super proud of his "air-bow" as he calls it.

Andrew and Coleman got to win a free marshmallow shooter by shooting this rubber band gun and knocking some cans off the shelf.  They are both really good shots!

Here we are walking around the square before supper, very proud of our new bows.

It should surprise no one that we ate at The Collegiate that night.  It should also surprise no one that this photo is blurry from all the moving subjects.

I have discovered a lot of great first grade blogs and websites this fall!  We are really enjoying tons of fun games and ideas in school.  What we are not so good at though, is taking pictures of our fun.  Here's a shot of Andrew doing a contraction game with a Halloween theme.

While Jonathan naps in the afternoons, Andrew and Coleman have a short "quiet" time and then usually play outside.  They have enjoyed this tremendously and I caught this sweet shot of them one afternoon while they were eating their snack and making big plans for the afternoon.

Jonathan made a cute little farm book in his class at preschool.  The day he brought it home, we were meeting friends on the playground to play for a bit before we came home.  He got out his book and stretched out on a bench to read it.

Here are all three boys having some kind of adventure together.

And one last shot of Andrew and Jonathan studying a map of the Magic Kingdom. 

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