Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Science Club

This month our topic was invertebrates. We started off with a visit from a local author/performance artist who has written a book about honeybees. She did a cute presentation full of un-bee-lievable puns (I know. You should have been there.) and fun facts about honeybees.

Then we headed outside for our hike. Our job this month was to locate and identify as many invertebrates as we could in the woods. Here are the students looking in some leaves to see what they could find.

When they found a specimen, it went into the observation jar and got passed around the group.

Then they used picture cards to identify the creature and Ms. Angela read some information about it. She also kept a tally of what invertebrates the group found.

Here they are rolling over a log to see what they could find.

They also got to search for aquatic invertebrates. You can see Andrew kneeling down at the water's edge skimming for animals.

Showing me whatever was in the jar at the time.

To end the day, we headed to the classroom where Ms. Angela had preserved specimens of invertebrates for the students to see.

Next month we will go boating on Lake Lanier. We are super excited about that!

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