Monday, March 26, 2012

First Practice

Springtime means we are back at the ball fields a couple of nights a week. Andrew is playing tee ball again this year, and is back on the Clippers! We have new coaches and teammates though. Here are some pictures from our first practice of the 2012 season.

The team running somewhere

I am so thankful for the playground that is right next to the fields. Coleman and Jonathan love going to Andrew's practices!

Andrew is one of the oldest members on the team. I'm excited for him to experience this season with last year under his belt. Brent and I are amazed at what a difference there is this year in his skill level. We haven't been training much in the off season, but his throwing is tons better. When he and Brent play catch, he can throw straight, far, and hard. It makes that nice whacky-thud when it hits Brent's glove.

We're also getting practice being a leader on the team. We've told Andrew that since he's played before, and is bigger than the other kids, he can be a great encourager to the other players. He is taking to this new role pretty well.

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