Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Swimming Lessons

For the last two weeks in June, the bigger boys took swimming lessons at Gainesville State. We were very impressed with the program, and will definitely be back in the future. The instructors were great with the kids. Coleman's group had never had lessons before, and there were three little boys with two instructors. Andrew's group had taken before but weren't proficient swimmers yet. He had four boys with two instructors in his group. We went Monday through Thursday for an hour each morning, for two weeks.

By the end, Andrew could do the freestyle and backstroke fairly well. He passed his Level 2 test! Coleman can float on his back and is working on Level 1. That kickboard balancing thing was pretty tough for him, and Andrew is still working on 'shredding water.' Here are the pictures I made from the balcony of the pool area.

Coleman working on kicking

Andrew is on the far left with the instructor, trying to float.

Jonathan made a friend named Sarah. They played, colored, and shared snack every morning.

Here's Andrew kicking away.

The last morning they played games. They took all the kids from Andrew's group and the two older groups and put them together. Andrew's group wore life belts to help them in the deep end. Here they all are lined up to play Sharks and Minnows.

Here's Coleman with Miss Caroline and his certificate.

And here's Andrew with Miss Kelly and his certificate.

After our last lesson ended, we hit Dunkin Donuts for some celebratory munchkins! The boys have often heard the story of "Aunt Mer Mer and the Munchkins" but were excited to have some in a real Dunkin Donuts!

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