Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Lake 2011

The second week in July we packed up and headed over to the lake to spend the week with Gigi and Papack, and Aunt Mer Mer and Uncle Roger. I had every intention of blogging about our trip last week, but life has been very busy wrapping up our summer, so I am a bit behind. I'll spread the pictures and stories out over the next few days.

Almost as soon as we got there, Andrew and Coleman were into the gigantic box of Legos. They have really been enjoying Legos at home lately, and could not wait to get to the lake and play with the ones that are there.
We ate some meals out on the porch, but it was super hot so we ate inside some too.

They also enjoyed a little swing fishing again this year.

I could not believe how much food we took. From the looks of this, one would think we were planning to feed the 5000, and this doesn't even show the baked goods and fridge stuff! Fortunately, we did not eat all we took! But everything does seem to taste better at the lake, doesn't it?

The boys got to sleep on cots this year. They were so excited! Coleman slept in our room, and Andrew slept in Gigi and Papack's.

And of course Jon Jon had to try out the cots too!

Lots more pictures to come!

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Tina said...

Fun! Btw Andrew is looking very grownup these days.