Friday, February 4, 2011

Overheard: Edition Coleman's Family

Today, Coleman stayed home from school to finish recovering from Strep. He was very excited to have a special day with me. He feels great most of the time, and will be fine to go back on Monday. We watched a pirate movie, did a puzzle, painted some pirate pictures, and got Chick-fil-A lemonade with his lunch. Then we went to pick up Andrew.

While we were in carpool line, I decided to review some things with Coleman. He correctly named our street, and then this happened:

Mommy: Coleman, what is your Daddy's name?

C: Huh?

M: What is Daddy's name?

C: Uh. . . . Boss?


Tina said...


Glad that the boys are feeling better. Did Jonathan ever get it?

Paige said...

Coleman and Jonathan are still spiking fevers when the motrin wears off. J's was 104.6 last night. So, I've called this am for a new med and am waiting to hear from the nurse.

Tina said...

So sorry that it is lingering. I sincerely hope that they will all be well very soon.