Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Visit to Gigi and Papack's

Last weekend Gigi and Papack came and picked up the two bigger boys for the weekend. They left Saturday after lunch and came home Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, Coleman ran a fever off and on while they were there, so it kind of limited their outings. However, the boys (like every other person in the US this winter) have had some cabin fever so they were very excited about a change of venue. Here are some pictures from their visit.

When they arrived, Andrew wanted to watch TV from Gigi and Papack's bed. We don't have TVs in the bedrooms, so this was quite a novelty!

Papack said that Saturday evening they missed Coleman. Looked all over the house for him. Called him repeatedly. Look where he was.

The boys love to ride "Old Blue."

Monday morning they were leaping into the pillows in Andrew's room. Here's a picture before takeoff.

Thank you Gigi and Papack for a great weekend!

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Tina said...

Great memories for everyone.