Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day

Can you believe I'm getting my Valentine's post done and it's still February?! We had a sweet Valentine's Day this year. It was low key, which is great at this time of life. Brent and I had our "date" earlier in the month while the boys were at Gigi and Papack's. The snow kept us from our planned circus outing on Saturday, so we got to stay home and make Valentine's cookies. Cookie making is always a hit around here.

The Thursday before Valentine's, Andrew's class had their Valentine's Day party. It was also Winterfest which I'll post about another day. Anyway, the class had a fun party. Andrew wore his Valentine's shirt, which read, "Mommy is my Valentine." They had pizza and rice krispy treats for lunch.
The class had made gifts for their parents and we got to open them at the party. It's a magnetic frame of puzzle pieces that says "I love you to pieces". Too cute!

We also did a little craft/project during the party. They had exchanged Valentines with their classmates and we brought home a nice bag of treats. Andrew gave his friends a small bag of teddy grahams with a note that said, "Bear Hugs for You from Andrew".

Here are my yahoo Valentines.

Somebody get me a spoon because I could just eat them up!

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Tina said...

Love the pictures. I especially love the last one.