Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Animal Kingdom

 Friday was Coleman's birthday!  Our six year old chose Cheerios for his breakfast, so he had to blow out the candle while I held it and we all sang.

Then he got to open his gifts.

Two lego sets he was thrilled with,

and a book.

Our park for the day was Animal Kingdom.  It had been a late night the night before, and someone was feeling a little draggy first thing.

We tried for a family of five shot in front of the sign, but the sun was a little bright.

We picked up our strollers (again, some of the best money we spent), and headed off to Dinoland!

Papack, Brent and the bigger boys rode Primeval Whirl while Gigi, JonJon and I rode the Triceratop Spin.  Primeval Whirl is a spinny ride, and I have discovered that something about being pregnant permanently changed my inner ear.  So I avoid spinning unnecessarily.  After they finished the whirl, the bigger boys wanted to ride the other dino ride.  So we hopped on and Jonathan rode with Gigi and Papack.

Then we headed over to let Andrew, Papack and Brent ride Expedition Everest while the rest of us got fastpasses to the Kali River Rapids.  After they finished, we grabbed some water and a snack and went to ride a safari.  Here' s a picture of the truck we rode on.

We were all getting hungry so we ate an early lunch and Coleman got his birthday cupcake!

While we were eating, these two cast members invited kids to come over and color when they finished eating.  Of course, our art lover jumped at the chance!

After lunch we watched the Nemo show.  It is such a great musical, and it's in the air conditioning.  A Win-Win!!  Here's Andrew with Expedition Everest in the background.  I think we have created a roller coaster lover!

And then a family of five shot.  Can you tell it was hot?

We rode the wet ride next, and Gigi and I think we got the wettest.  Everyone enjoyed the chance to cool off though.

 Then we walked over to see the Lion King show, which was terrific.  An ice cream break was our last stop in the park.

We were glad for a shorter day so we could head back and swim and nap.  That night, we went to the Spirit of Aloha luau for our birthday dinner with Coleman!  It was wonderful!

 When we sat down, the appetizers were on our table.  Yummy soba noodles, green salad with lime vinaigrette, a yummy slaw and fresh pineapple!

 Our entrees were bbq ribs, chicken and something else that I can't remember right now.  They were delicious too!  One of Coleman's favorites is ribs, so I was happy he had them for his birthday dinner.  For dessert we had pineapple caramel bread pudding.

Then they called up all the children to dance on stage.  Notice in the first picture all three boys are on stage.

And now notice there are only two.  Jonathan was still not recovered from all our going and doing, and he did not want to be on stage.  He didn't want to be much of anywhere as a matter of fact.  But he hung in and did well, especially for an exhausted three and a half year old!

Then they called up anyone having a birthday!  Coleman went back up on stage and tried his best to do what the guy in front was doing.  He was thinking really hard about it.

Finally, our show began.  The actors had come out several times while we ate and did funny skits and songs, but we were all there for the traditional dances.  So we were very glad when they started!

The favorite was this Chief Somebody-or-Other who was the fire dancer.

It was a very memorable show for Coleman's sixth birthday!  We had some pictures made on our way out.  The luau was at our resort, so we only had to walk over to the venue.  When we checked in on Wednesday, the lady at the desk gave us all leis to wear.  Andrew especially loved his.  He is all about a theme!  While we walked around the resort, the cast and staff members would say, "Aloha!" to us when they saw us.  Before our stay was over, Andrew was beating them to it with a hearty, "Aloha!"

The boys hit the pool while Gigi and I found the laundry and cleaned up the rooms a bit.  Then we were in bed, at almost normal time, because we had another big day coming up!  Hollywood Studios was next!

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