Monday, February 18, 2013

Overheard: Edition Spies and Spanish wives

Though I am finished with Christmas postings, I am still woefully behind in blogging.  However, these happened today and I knew I would not remember them long enough for them to be posted chronologically.

In the car on the way home from the grocery store, Jonathan was talking away to me about a myriad of topics.  The last sentence of his monologue was this:  "And then we found the secret passageway and that's when I knew there was a spy in our midst!"

Then, on the way to music tonight, Coleman and I had this conversation:

C:  Mommy, what do you need to know before you get married?
M:  Well, you need to know that you love God first and then your wife next.  And if you do that, everything else will work out just fine.

(Note:  We have talked a lot lately about Coleman's wife, whoever and wherever she may be.  He knows that God has picked the perfect girl for him and He will show Coleman who she is when Coleman is old enough.)

A little later. . .

C:  Well, I hope He (God) didn't pick me a Spanish girl!
M:  Um, why not?
C:  Because I won't be able to understand what she's talking to me!

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